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    Love... is the driving force of everything! Everything is for love!

    Patriotism, love home, love customers, love business, love employees! Benba King Funo Group... the driving force of love!

     After the reform and opening up, global enterprises continue to seize the Chinese market!

     In the early 1980s, a wise young man, Mr. Liang Zhijian seized the opportunity and decisively entered the imported aftermarket industry such as Mercedes-Benz BMW, which was the predecessor of the Benfon Group.

     After decades of development, today, the Benfon Group is a multinational group with five subsidiaries. The products and technologies of the Benfon Group are spread over more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It is the most popular leader in the automotive aftermarket.

     As early as 2008, the market of the Benfon Fonuo Group Company began to change from a standard exhibition booth in Hong Kong and opened up to the world.

     In just one year, the Benfon Group has been leading the industry. Expanded from standard booths to over 30-fold special booths. In the same exhibition hall, it is also the most popular, largest and most popular booth.

     The Canton Fair, which has participated in 12 consecutive sessions, is also known as the “specialized household”. Beijing Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition, Guangzhou Exhibition, Dubai Exhibition in the Middle East, Malaysia Exhibition, Las Vegas Exhibition, Munich, Germany, Moscow, Russia, Algeria, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... In the global market, Benfon Group It is the most active and effective multinational company.

     At the same time, the PAF Group has expanded on all channels. Commercial associations, classic cars, e-commerce, red tours, and large-scale investment associations have achieved satisfactory results.

     In 2010, the group company used financial leverage to integrate resources and began to implement the strategic objectives of “mergers and acquisitions”. Mr. Liang Zhijian, the president of the group, decisively acquired American Funo International Co., Ltd. and owns the brand ownership of “FN” American Forno.

     In 2011, the Benfon Fonuo Group entered the Middle East market strongly, and set its headquarters in the world's tallest tower... Dubai Tower, once again attracting worldwide attention.

     In 2012, in order to further consolidate its leading position in the domestic market, Benbawang Company has invested heavily in the invitation of Hong Kong film and television superstar Mr. He Jiajin as the brand image spokesperson. Zhan Zhao He Jia Jin, a household name, world-famous, has established a new cornerstone for the market position of the Benfon Group.

     In 2013, the group company cooperated with Mercedes-Benz to become the only designated production base for Mercedes-Benz's emergency start-up power gift; in hand, the US fund group became the only innovative enterprise that uses Internet finance, leverages financial resources, and integrates industry and finance. . These moves have once again shocked the world.

     In order to more plastic industry business integrity, continue to build national brands. Mr. Liang Zhijian, Chairman of the Benfun Funo Group, which has the reputation of the international brand's actual godfather, personally endorses the products. The brand awareness of the Benfon Group has been well-known throughout the world.

     The efficient logistics system with the modern logistics center as the origin ensures the smooth flow of goods. The enterprise-level information platform built with huge capital will link all aspects of the company's operations.

     For the consistent pursuit of quality, the products of the Benfon Group have obtained all world-class professional system certification and management practices. Relying on the strong R&D resources of the world, Benba Wang Funuo Group can create the most practical products for consumers.

     Power comes from excellence, quality lies in timelessness, strength comes from careful construction, and confidence is based on great goals.

     The products of Benfun Funo Group are well-known, and their high-end image, safe, convenient, practical and intelligent life concept have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

     Innovation is the lifeblood of enterprise survival. Under the guidance of high-level core innovation ideas, Benba Wang Funuo Group has invested heavily in cross-border entry into the mobile Internet industry and launched the world's top technology “FN high-power multi-function smart phone”, which immediately shocked. The global mobile phone industry, "FN Fonuo mobile phone" strong landing, revolutionary breakthrough, comprehensively subvert the global mobile phone industry!

     The outstanding team is the most important core competitiveness of the Benfon Group. Professional personnel, professional services, stem from the team's vocational training held every half month.

     The Benfun Funo Group has set up the Sunshine Real Estate Foundation to reward employees who work hard at home and abroad. Providing 100,000 to 1 million interest-free housing loans for outstanding employees has solved a series of worries.

     Make employees better comprehend: always grateful to customers, always grateful to the company, always grateful to society. Show the spirit of the times that advances with the times and pursues excellence.

     Nowadays, Benba Wang Funuo Group Co., Ltd. has developed into a large-scale comprehensive enterprise with strong strength and credit standing as a collection factory, international import and export trade, and integration of industry and finance.

     It is with these constructions and efforts that the Benfon King Funo Group has won countless honors. It is highly recognized by the public and loved by consumers. Every charity action held by the Benfon Group is also deeply left in people's memory.

     For more than a decade, the companies that have successfully joined hands with the Benfon Group have gradually become the benchmarks for the local industry, adding more than a million jobs to the society. The world has thus created countless hundreds of billions of entrepreneurs.

     Communicate with heart, drive with love!

     Carry life with life!

     Strive for the common cause of our Benfon Fonuo Group with the power of life!

     Write these wonderful stories with a sincere smile!

     Integrity, commitment, responsibility, and integrity are more important than life!

     The vision of the Benfon Group is:

     Help more private enterprises to go abroad and go to the world!

     The mission of the Benfon Group is:

     Create a Chinese national brand and become a world-renowned "international brand" and struggle for life!

     Choose to decide the future and pay for the decision!

     Benba Wang Funuo Group is looking forward to working with you to change yourself, change the world, create brilliance together, and open a colorful life together!

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