Volvo defines a different luxury


Combining the charm of China with the humanistic spirit of Northern Europe, Volvo Cars is bringing a different luxury style to Chinese consumers. It is no longer just about improving car products and promoting a Nordic healthy life.

  Compared with the high-profile luxury brand concept followed by traditional German and   American luxury cars, Volvo Cars has given the luxury car a low-key luxury with the essence of “people-oriented” brand.

  A new step in three years, the Volvo brand has significantly improved

  In August 2010, with Zhejiang Geely Holding Group officially acquiring a 100% stake in Volvo Cars, it completed the largest overseas acquisition in the history of Chinese autos, and Volvo Car became the first luxury car brand owned by the Chinese. However, this acquisition was not optimistic at the beginning. As a private enterprise, Geely’s acquisition was compared to the typical “snake swallow” merger in the automobile industry. How to integrate Chinese and Western cultures and how to solve the follow-up operating funds Volvo, which is at the bottom of the brand, can regain the glory of the past and other issues have been questioned by some industry experts.

  Data show that in 2009, Sweden-based Volvo cars sold 334,800 units worldwide, with a pre-tax loss of a record $653 million. At that time, this long-established and prominent high-end car brand has been stretched in terms of capital and brand power. How to enhance the appeal of the Volvo brand has become a real problem facing Volvo China management team.

  The release of “People-oriented Concept” officially ignited the revival of Volvo China's brand renaissance, and a series of brand activities allowed the world to see Volvo's swordsmanship. The marketing method that follows the trend can only fall into the cliché, and the Volvo flag clearly rejects the old marketing methods that are overused on the market.

The introduction of “Grand Coast of China” and “Volvo Yacht Race” showcases the pioneering spirit of Volvo's pioneering era; “LEAVE THE WORD BEHIND” conveys Volvo's free and comfortable brand proposition to potential consumers from the emotional and conceptual layers. And the attitude of life; the continuous launch of the "clean cabin" and other in-car air quality activities will have been neglected, but the concept of environmental protection in the car that seriously affects human health is directly presented; as an official partner, deeply participate in the 2013 Fortune World Forum Leveraging the authoritative voice of the mainstream financial industry to strengthen their brand image and cultivate their own awareness; Volvo's “Child Care Day” raises the attention of the Chinese people to this particular vulnerable group to a new height; The transportation plan and the avant-garde "autopilot" technology are also being accepted by more and more people, and thus established the status of Volvo's research and development pioneer...

  The concepts of air quality in the car, caring for children, autonomous driving, Nordic life are all understood and sustained by the people of Volvo. Through these activities, Volvo has quickly bred more loyal fans in the domestic market, brand power has rapidly increased, and Volvo cars have renewed their vitality. Step by step out of the loss of mud to achieve profitability, with excellent market performance confirmed the group's chairman Li Shufu's generalization of Volvo China's future performance, that is - let the tiger return to the mountain.

  Volvo's new definition of luxury

  Volvo's low-key luxury inheritance is known as the Nordic region with the highest happiness index in the world. In this fascinating land, people are good at embracing nature, paying attention to the family, not obsessing with material, but eager for quality, listening to the heart and only being happy. The thing, this happy and purely state of life is the Nordic luxury that Volvo has always admired.

This state of mind is first conveyed through the low-key humanized design of Volvo Cars. Volvo inherits the Scandinavian design concept, advocating the simplicity of nature, and integrating humanistic care into product design, allowing customers to experience the unique Nordic ideal life intuitively.

Enjoy the Nordic life, of course, can not be separated from the accurate grasp of the habits of local consumers. Volvo Cars adheres to the core concept of “people-oriented”, continuously understands the habits of Chinese consumers, accurately grasps the needs of consumers, and accordingly Product design and engineering research and development, forming Volvo's unique advantages in functional, high-tech equipment, driving experience and other aspects, thus giving Chinese consumers a modern Nordic luxury experience.

Volvo Cars has always been synonymous with the "safest car" in the world. It not only invents and creates various future technologies such as three-point seat belts, child safety seats, pedestrian collision avoidance systems for all cars in the world, but also the safety concept. "Technical security" turns to "all-round protection" for life. The Volvo Car Safety Center is one of the most advanced automotive crash testing centers in the world. Since its inception in 2000, it has conducted more than 2,500 crash tests. In addition, the Volvo Car Traffic Accident Investigation Team conducted a 40-year investigation and investigation of more than 40,000 accidents, converting first-hand survey data into new research results, and applying it to the development and improvement of models, since 1970, The accident rate of Volvo's new car has been reduced by 50%, and according to the company's future vision, Volvo will achieve "zero casualties" in China by 2020.

Green environmental protection is another big label of Volvo Cars. The realization of “zero emission” in China in 2020 is also the corporate goal that Volvo Cars is striving for. Volvo Cars is a benchmark in the industry for its recent attention to air quality. In the past three decades, Volvo has invested heavily in researching automotive air quality systems and has proposed "cleaning the cockpit. The new car has no odor. "The concept of "safety and environmental protection" extends to the "health" category of car owners, making Volvo a global leader in the automotive air quality industry.

Volvo is also a true leader in the field of intelligent vehicle driving. The mature adaptive cruise system, urban safety system, lane assist system, and intelligent workshop interconnection V2V system can not only improve the fuel efficiency of Volvo cars, but also greatly improve their traffic safety. The use of traffic space is efficient and provides users with a convenient and comfortable driving experience.

Nordic “simple fan” is popular in the Chinese market

In fact, Volvo's Nordic low-key luxury has begun to be recognized by China's elite elite. According to the company's latest sales data, Volvo Cars continues to achieve high growth in China. In October, Volvo's retail sales in the Chinese market were year-on-year. The surge was 50.1%, which was more than 48.6% in September. After September, the Chinese market once again became the market with the highest monthly sales volume of the Volvo brand. In the first ten months of 2013, Volvo's cumulative sales in the Chinese market reached 48,466 units, a sharp increase of 42.2% year-on-year.

Knowledge-based upstarts are gradually becoming the mainstream of domestic luxury car market consumption. After relying on their own professional skills to acquire wealth, they are no longer valued by material possession, but by the richness of the soul. Volvo's brand philosophy is precisely in line with their life needs, just like the target audience defined by Volvo, they are calm, low-key and restrained, and have a healthy and sunny attitude towards life.

  More and more people choose Volvo cars, and they are eager to feel the leisurely life in the communication with the smart and safe luxury car, and finally realize the Nordic-style 'true self' state of mind, inheriting this positive and healthy new style. .

Volvo Cars has been made in China, and the quality of domestic cars is also a major concern for consumers. Volvo Cars adheres to a globally unified quality standard and quality management system. It has a complete quality management system from research and development, manufacturing, sales to service. This global manufacturing system and supply chain management will ensure that domestic cars and imports have the same quality.

  Adhering to the "people-oriented" brand strategy and adhering to the "safest car" commitment, Volvo has long been a leader in the automotive industry's technological innovation, safety, health, environmental protection and intelligent driving have become the cornerstone of sustainable development. . By continuously strengthening communication with consumers in the fields of Nordic design and luxury, interactive technology, quality and environmental protection, and Volvo corporate citizenship, Volvo began to restore the true Nordic lifestyle to the public, from the Nordic concept of life, to luxury The definition of the happy life, the rich and unique content of the Volvo brand, Volvo is not the same luxury is gradually deepening people's hearts.

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