How to accelerate the development of sensors


  Sensor technology is the cutting-edge technology of modern science and technology. The sensor industry is also recognized as a high-tech industry with promising future. It is characterized by high technology content, good economic benefits, strong penetration ability and broad market prospects. Recently, industry experts said that due to the impact of the international financial crisis on China's real economy, China's automation industry has fallen into a trough. Domestic sensors are lagging behind international advanced levels in terms of perceived information, intelligence and networking. We should increase the research and development of sensors to provide support for instrumentation products.

  The first is to speed up the development of new sensors. Analytical instruments are the basis for the sustainable development of science and technology, economy and society in China. Industrial process control, facility agriculture, biomedicine, environmental control, food safety, and even aerospace and defense engineering are urgently needed to miniaturize various new types of sensors as sources of information intake. A new generation of analytical instruments that are specialized, simple, and family-oriented, to achieve more sensitive, accurate, faster, and more reliable real-time detection to quickly change the backwardness of analytical instruments in China.

  The second is to accelerate technological development and promote the advancement of sensor technology. Advances in microelectronics technology have contributed to the development of sensor technology for decades. In the next 10-20 years, traditional silicon technology will enter a mature stage. At that time, 300mm diameter silicon wafers will be used in production, making the low-cost manufacturing technology of silicon and the application technology of silicon unprecedented. It will develop and produce miniature sensors and smart sensors. New sensors provide technical support. From the perspective of overall development, traditional silicon technology will continue to be saturated until 2047. At present, microelectronics technology will continue to follow the two basic laws of the equal scaling principle and Moore's Law. In the end of the traditional silicon technology, we will continue to expand the interdisciplinary application of silicon and break through the unsteady physical devices. The two major directions in the development of the above microelectronic technology are the main development directions of sensor technology in the current and future 20 years.

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